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Palm Beach County Truck Accident Lawyer

There can’t be many scarier moments than realizing you’re about to be involved in a collision with a semi-truck. The size, weight, and force of a large truck striking a smaller vehicle are likely to cause serious injuries to anyone inside the car, and you’ll likely be dealing with the aftermath of the accident for months, if not years. Smith, Ball & Baez Injury Lawyers Firm has extensive experience handling truck accident injury claims in Florida and can help you if you’ve been hurt in a truck accident. Our Palm Beach County truck accident lawyers are not afraid to go up against trucking companies and their insurers. In fact, we welcome the challenge.

Issues in the Trucking Industry Causing Truck Accidents

Semi-trucks are beasts to drive and require training, experience, and routine precautions to drive safely. Federal rules and regulations are in place to help ensure this happens. Yet, the trucking industry is a business that in many ways encourages unsafe practices that make sharing the road with semi-trucks even more hazardous than it is already. Issues in the trucking industry causing truck accidents include:

  • Too often, new truck drivers don’t receive thorough and adequate training for driving technique, safety concerns, and defensive driving.
  • Truck drivers are generally compensated based on how many miles they travel and how quickly they deliver loads. This promotes driving for more consecutive hours than is normally advisable. Some truck drivers use illegal drugs and/or over-the-counter medication to stay awake.
  • Many trucking companies maintain unrealistic schedules and expectations that encourage truck drivers to hurry and cut corners, despite safety risks. For example, hurriedly loading cargo can create an unstable load, making a truck even more difficult to maneuver.
  • Just like other drivers, truck drivers engage in distracting behaviors behind the wheel, like talking, texting, and eating, and they may be especially likely to do so because they make money moving, not standing still.

At Smith, Ball & Baez Injury Lawyers, we know how to make a strong truck accident claim through interviews with drivers, passengers, and witnesses; knowledgeable assessment of the truck driver’s logbook, the police report, hospital records, and other documentation; as well as investigation of the crash scene. All these elements combined can truly help you secure maximum compensation for your injuries and damages. When you’re hurt in a serious truck accident that wasn’t your fault, you deserve serious rectification.

Talk to an Experienced Palm Beach County Truck Accident Lawyer Today

If you were injured in a truck accident in Palm Beach County, please contact Smith, Ball & Baez Injury Lawyers to schedule a free consultation. Talk to us before you talk to the insurance company—we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we will come to your home or hospital room if you can’t come to our office. As our client, you’ll owe no attorney’s fees until we recover compensation on your behalf.

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